Limmathof Baden General Regulations

Welcome to the Limmathof Baden! We are pleased to have you as a member, and would like your stay with us to be as pleasant as possible.

However, in the interests of maintaining order and proper hygiene, please allow us to draw your attention to our general regulations. The general regulations are an integral part of your membership contract. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to regularly welcoming you as a satisfied guest.

Check-in / Check-out

Checking in with a membership card is required at the reception with every visit to the Novum Spa wellness oasis or to the Novum Spa gym. When leaving please check out at reception and pick up your membership card.

The whole facility

You can take advantage of the Novum Spa offer until fifteen minutes before closing. We would ask you to comply with the hygiene rules and to follow the instructions of employees. Please only wear street shoes until the changing area. Use of mobile phones in the wellness oasis is not permitted, and using the telephone in the gym is also not permitted. Access is not permitted for people who suffer from a contagious disease, a skin disease, or a severe disability. We would ask people with strong body odour to take appropriate measures for everyone's well-being, including showering both before exercising and before entering the sauna. Please respect the moral and ethical boundaries of the other guests.

Food and drink

Wellness oasis

We would ask you to consume snacks and drinks only in the quiet room or in the hallway. It is not permitted to take them into the water or sauna.


Please do not consume food that you have brought with you in the training area. Naturally you can consume drinks at any time. Glass containers are prohibited.


Wellness oasis

The wellness oasis must be entered with your bathing suit and bathing shoes. The sauna is the sole and exclusive nude zone.


Wear casual clothing (gym shorts/leggings, T-shirt/shirt/sweater and sneakers) in the gym and in the classrooms. Having a sweat-absorbing towel goes without saying. You may only use the gym or classroom space with clean, non-marking sports shoes (no street shoes).


After using them place the barbells back on the bench and remove the weight plates from the weight machines and/or barbell rods. Please clean the cardio equipment with the provided cleaning supplies and paper. The cleaning agent must not be sprayed on the screens.

Health check and introductory fitness training

A health check and introductory training to initiate fitness training are necessary and therefore compulsory for all new members. By answering health questions and explaining your training targets potential risk factors can be assessed and an individual training plan customised to your needs can be prepared.

Wellness oasis

Wearing slippers and swimwear (except in the sauna area) is mandatory in the wellness oasis. Wearing street clothes is not permitted. After leaving the wet areas thoroughly dry yourself off. Adhesive dressings loosen from your skin when visiting the wet areas and must therefore be removed before entering them. You may not use the wet areas even with minor open wounds.

The Novum Spa wellness area is an oasis of calm and relaxation; please talk with each other in soft tones. If you feel disturbed or bothered by other guests, please report it immediately at the reception.

The deck chairs are limited in number and may not be occupied with towels and/or personal belongings, so that each guest has the opportunity to rest in them.

Please do not take home any of the magazines Novum Spa subscribes to, so that all of the guests can enjoy reading.

Use of your own fragrances in the sauna is prohibited.

Mandatory showering

A thorough full-body shower is a matter of course and mandatory before using the wellness oasis.


The sauna is the only obligatory nude zone in Novum Spa. Using a towel that strongly absorbs sweat is a matter of course, and direct body contact with walls or benches should be avoided, and the Kneipp foot basin should only be used for its intended purpose. Please shower thoroughly after a sauna before leaving the sauna area.

Changing area

Street clothes are always to be placed in the clothing lockers. You should always lock them. Do not hang sweaty or damp clothing or towels on them, or leave such inside them. As considerate visitors, please dry yourself thoroughly before leaving the wet areas, and do not leave behind a "wet business card"; subsequent visitors will appreciate it. Keep your bag in the changing area during your visit. Our changing areas and wet areas are regularly checked and cleaned for your convenience.

You can renew yourself and exercise at Novum Spa - please shave, cut your nails, dye your hair, and apply facial masks at home.


You are using the facility at your own risk.

We therefore advise you to undergo a medical examination before starting with training. Please note that in the gym, in the classroom, and in the wellness oasis (steam bath, sauna, swimming pool) it is easy to wrongly assess fitness limits. If there is an obvious health hazard, we have the authority to limit the extent of training activity.

Training and swimming under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous. We are entitled to deny entrance to visitors who have consumed alcohol or drugs, or to have them leave the Novum Spa premises. An already paid entry fee will not be refunded.

In the interests of safety, please note the placard containing the Novum Spa wellness oasis bathing rules. For further information, please contact our staff.


Please note that we can limit the number of participants in the courses for the benefit of our visitors, which is why we cannot guarantee a place in a course. Courses that are currently underway must not be disturbed.


In Novum Spa you should not only feel comfortable, but also that you can rely on hygiene and cleanliness. Regular inspections are conducted by independent institutions. Our visitors thus have the guarantee that the facility will be in optimum condition at all times. All areas are cleaned thoroughly every day before starting operation, and are monitored and cleaned by our employees on an ongoing basis.

Lost property

We keep lost property for two months. After that it will be disposed of. There is no right to compensation.

Putting a timestop on your membership card

If there is a valid reason (illness, pregnancy, accident, business abroad, military service, language studies, etc.), you can put your membership card on a timestop for a duration of at least 1 month to a maximum of 9 months. A holiday is not an accepted reason for booking a timestop. The time credit will be completely credited to the existing contract duration. The timestop must be booked before the absence at reception, with submission of a corresponding document and of the annual card. A retroactive timestop is only possible in the case of illness/accident. This must be applied for within 10 days after discontinuation of the medically certified inability to train/bathe. Applications submitted at a later date will not be considered. The administrative fee for this is CHF 30 per timestop (payable in advance).

Timestops for annual and couple memberships

Timestops are exclusively reserved for the following memberships: annual membership, day annual membership, couple membership (only parallel) and day couple membership (only parallel). For couple memberships only a parallel timestop is possible, which means that both contractual parties suspend their membership at the same time.

A timestop can be applied for twice a year for a total of 60 days, with a minimum duration of 14 days per stop, without giving a reason. The timestop must be applied for at the reception before the absence and with submission of the membership card. A retroactive timestop is only possible in the case of illness/accident (see above). Applications submitted at a later date will not be considered. The administrative fee for this is CHF 30 per timestop (payable in advance).

Refund of annual cards

Refunds may be granted only in cases of hardship for prolonged illness, accident, or change of domicile within about 30 km of the city of Baden (authorisation is via management). The annual card must be submitted with the written refund application and the necessary confirmations, such as medical certificate, employer certificate, residents' registration certificate, etc. The member is entitled to a refund until the sixth month, after which the annual card may not be refunded. This applies proportionately for longer contract periods. There is no right to a refund for a shorter membership duration.

Calculation of the refund amount

*Based on the actual amount paid, minus a deduction of CHF 30 as an administrative fee.

Timestop or refund of single entry cards, special arrangements 

No timestop or refund is possible for this offer.

Minimum age



Any liability of the Novum Spa or its employees is excluded for damage resulting from an accident, injury, or illness. Acquisition of insurance is your responsibility.


The Novum Spa is not liable for the loss of effects, valuables, money, clothes, etc. Also excluded is any liability for deposited items. Acquisition of insurance is your responsibility.

Parking regulations

Please note that the Novum Spa does not have its own parking area nearby, and all surrounding parking places are reserved for other people. We would therefore ask you to park your car in one of the nearby car parks or in public parking places.


By following the general regulations you are making an important contribution to the high level of service and hygiene standards at the Novum Spa.


Membership card

The membership card is the property of the Novum Spa and must be returned upon completion of the membership. If the card is damaged due to improper handling or if it is lost, there will be a 20 CHF fee.

Gym services

Training consultations (needs assessment, risk survey, training program design, training instruction and support) are included in the membership. There is a fee for personal fitness training. Corporate members who do not attend the introductory training without an excuse, must pay an 80 CHF fee for the next available appointment.

Members recruiting members

Each member who recruits a new member will be rewarded with a membership extension of one month. This only applies if the recruited member has been registered in the new membership contract. Important: This bonus will be credited to your personal membership once the new member has paid the annual fee. This cannot be combined with other membership promotions.

We are sincerely grateful for your membership, and look forward to spending many revitalising and healthy hours with you.


Baden, March 2016